Why Out of Bounds Services, LLC?

At Out of Bounds Services, LLC we do not charge for a limited number of attempts, and then return the paper to you unserved. We will make attempts until we serve the paper, or we determine that the person is not to be located. If we don't serve them, there is no charge as long as you provide a valid, and current address for the person to be served.

At Out of Bounds Services, LLC, we believe that our customers' needs come first. We work feverishly to meet your needs, and we guarantee we will exceed your expectations. We are not a process service clearinghouse; we are a team of professionals that work closely together to meet our customers needs.

Get your papers served in a timely and professional manner with us!

Out of Bounds Services also offers legal courier services and mobile notary public services.

Out of Bounds Services, LLC is not a private investigation firm. 

Service of Process

Notary Public Services

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